Fan Fridays: Is the DC Cinematic Universe Flashpoint Bound?

With Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice here, the DC Cinematic Universe is full of stories and [...]


With Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice here, the DC Cinematic Universe is full of stories and possibilities to use moving forward. Alongside Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman hitting the scene, what other surprises does the movie hold for the future of Warner Bros' latest franchise juggernaut? Well if you've already seen the film, then you know, and certainly fan Isaac Gell knows as he proposes a new theory on where the Justice League films may be going in the future. Now be warned, this Fan Friday will include some spoilers for Batman V Superman so wait until you've seen the movie to dig in.

Obviously, Flash appearing in future films is set in stone as Ezra Miller has already been cast as the Scarlet Speedster. Along with Jason Momoa as Aquaman and Ray Fisher as Cyborg, the League's roster has been set in stone and considering all these characters have a part to play in DC's comic book storyline, Flashpoint, it's definitely possible that this storyline could take place in the films. Flashpoint, as you may or may not know, revolves around Barry Allen, aka the Flash, going back in time in an attempt to save his mother. Barry saves his mother all right, but in doing so, radically alters the present of the DCU. Superman was never found by the Kents, Batman is Thomas Wayne, Cyborg is the top superhero of the U.S., and Aquaman rules the seven seas with an iron fist. Only with the help of these radically different heroes can Flash change the present back to normal (well sort of, as this leads the way to the rebooted universe in the "New 52").

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Now, and again you're entering spoiler territory here, with Batman V Superman, we are presented with a Flash who seemingly travels back in time to warn Bruce Wayne. Yes, in the film, Barry slips through a rift in reality and attempts to warn Batman over the danger of his upcoming fight with Superman and what he needs to know to prevent catastrophe. We're only given a brief glimpse at Flash, who seems to be wearing some sort of hazmat/astronaut suit over his regular costume at the time, but it's clear that he has some time travelling under his belt. Clearly, this will play a key role in the upcoming Flash standalone film but does this point to Flashpoint?

Time travel is always a tricky mistress and can be quite confusing if not presented correctly, but for the Flash it's always been old hat. Batman V Superman drew from numerous big comic book stories of the past including the Dark Knight Returns and the Death of Superman, so pulling from arguably the biggest DC story of the past decade in the form of Flashpoint would seem like an easy bet. The storyline has become a lynchpin for the history of Barry Allen, especially in the modern age so linking a storyline similar to this to the DC Cinematic Universe, in which Flash is travelling through time to right a wrong seems believable.

What do you all think? Is Flashpoint a given for the DC Cinematic Universe? If you have a theory of your own that you'd like to send us for Fan Fridays, drop us a line at We look forward to hearing from you!

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