Fan Fridays: Will Lady Stoneheart Appear on Game of Thrones?

Game of Thrones ended its most recent season with a bang, resolving numerous plotlines while [...]


Game of Thrones ended its most recent season with a bang, resolving numerous plotlines while getting ready for the end of the series with its upcoming final 13 or so episodes.

While nearly everything from the original book series has been represented in some form or fashion in the television show, there's still one big character that we have yet to see.

Just a warning, this Fan Friday will have spoilers for the GoT book series so keep that in mind before reading further. fan, Game of Prose, still thinks that there's a possibility that Lady Stoneheart, a resurrected Catelyn Stark, will be making an appearance in the show down the road (even with so little time left). Let's look at the facts we have so far.

Catelyn Stark met her unfortunate end with her son, Rob, during the "Red Wedding", a celebration wherein the House Frey betrayed them and viciously murdered the Stark family in the dining halls. In the books, Catelyn is resurrected three days following her death, and leads the party of stragglers called "The Brotherhood without Banners".

Stark functions as a shell of her former self, barely able to talk thanks to the cut throat that ended her life. In the books, Catelyn takes revenge on the Freys, killing those who had a hand in the Red Wedding. Obviously, things have changed in the tv series, with Arya Stark returning to her homeland and being the one to end the Frey family.


Producers of the show have said time and again that they were leaning toward not using Catelyn moving forward; leaving Lady Stoneheart dead and buried.

However, with the series coming to an end soon, and the dead on the march with the White Walkers, Catelyn's return could prove more justifiable in these final episodes than earlier. With the Brotherhood without Banners making a return later in the most recent series, they're primed to usher in her entrance into the series proper.

Let's face it, the White Walkers are something of a faceless threat and while the Night King certainly is threatening, he has little to no character traits to speak of. If you were to bring in Lady Stoneheart and place her into the ranks of the dead, it would make for a much more personal enemy, and therefore that much more dangerous.

On the other hand, the case for Lady Stoneheart never appearing is just as strong if not stronger. As mentioned earlier, Arya has taken something of her role as "avenger" for the Stark Family.

Her return to the North, killing Walter Frey, and subsequently extinguishing much of his line to make a pie proves that many of the deeds Stoneheart did are now being transferred to the now faceless girl. Also, with only 13 episodes, there isn't a lot of time to introduce this entirely new plot line without taking away from the conclusions of our other characters. Regardless, everything is not set in stone, and considering how much insane, supernatural shenanigans have appeared in Game of Thrones so far, it's entirely possible we see Lady Stoneheart appear before the series' end.

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