Fantastic Four: The Thing's Air Drop Scene Was Nixed Due To Fox's Budget Cuts

After watching Josh Trank's Fantastic Four, people made a gameof pointing out all of the shots from the trailers and television spots that went unused. One such scene, was of The Thing/Ben Grimm (Jamie Bell) being dropped from a stealth fighter jet. Its absence was particularly puzzling as Fox positioned it as the money shot for the trailers and TV spots.

As production began, the final budget hovered around $120 million, about $30 million less than Trank expected. Team Trank says the director wasn't getting enough money to craft exciting action scenes, including one of The Thing dive-bombing a terrorist camp that was tease in the trailer but cut from the movie. - Entertainment Weekly

Fantastic Four is not the first film, nor will it be the last film to market footage that never made it into the final cut. However, it was egregious with Fantastic Four.


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