Forget Waldo, Where Is Chewbacca?

Just in case literally everyone else in the world hadn't already done so, creators influenced by the popular Where's Waldo children's activity books have jumped on board the Star Wars hype train with both feet, releasing a new Where's the Wookiee book.

Gizmodo spotted them for $12 on Amazon, and the book includes some 40 pages of highly detailed illustrations from comics artist and occasional rabble-rouser Ulises Farinas (who is also the brains behind this brilliant Jurassic Park T-Shirt) which is probably enough reason to buy it even if you aren't a huge Star Wars (or Where's Waldo?) fan.

It covers a number of Star Wars locales with, as you'd expect from this sort of thing, thousands of characters lovingly drawn to hide. If you're a fan of Ulises' work on this, you should also check out his work on Judge Dredd: Megacity 2.