Fringe: September's Notebook Follows Up Series With a Mythology Companion

Warning: Minor spoilers ahead for tonight's episode of Fringe.Warner Brothers Consumer Projects [...]

Warning: Minor spoilers ahead for tonight's episode of Fringe.

Warner Brothers Consumer Projects announced today that Fringe: September's Notebook, a $50 series companion that's been available for preorder for some time now, will tie directly into tonight's penultimate episode of the cult hit series. In the episode, the enigmatic recurring character of the Observer September (guest star Michael Cerveris) reveals to Walter Bishop (John Noble) that he had been keeping a notebook of all his observations. "September's Notebook" is the exact book that fans of the show have been able to pre-order — and consequently be a part of — since earlier this year. Fringe executive producer/showrunner J.H. Wyman said: "We couldn't have picked a better framework for this book with the Observers. Where we went this season is ultimately so Observer-heavy and it reveals some things that are really mind-blowing. We wanted to include the notebook in this upcoming episode, as it encompasses September's journey from beginning to end. The fact that we are able to share it with the fans, after the episode airs, is truly exciting. September's writing exhibits what he admires most about the human spirit's most beautiful quality — hope." According to Warner, "Fringe: September's Notebook is an extension of the show and its mythology like no other. Within the book, every single word, sketch, photo, and official document has been painstakingly put together (under the guidance of series executive producer/showrunner J.H. Wyman and former executive producer Jeff Pinkner) with contributions from the Fringe production department. More than a year in the making from its inception, with material that spans all five seasons, authors Tara Bennett and Paul Terry (who together coauthored the official LOST Encyclopedia) worked with the television show's production team on a daily basis to develop and evolve Fringe: September's Notebook into the world's first fully integrated licensed publication that has emerged from within the television series' storyline itself."