Game Of Thrones Season 8 Commentary Reveals Where Arya Went

The series finale of Game of Thrones threw many fans for a loop with some of the choices that were [...]

The series finale of Game of Thrones threw many fans for a loop with some of the choices that were made and where many characters ended up. As the series came to a close, Jon Snow joined The Wildlings once again and journeyed north of the wall while Bran found himself the King of the Six Kingdoms (after Sansa successfully lobbied for Winterfell to become its own domain). For the other remaining Stark member, the journey was a little more open ended as Arya Stark sailed off into the distance to find out what is west of Westeros. What did she plan to do specifically though?

In the official commentary for the final episode of the series, showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss confirmed the obvious, saying the Arya is sailing off and leaving Westeros to become an explorer. In the final episode Arya says she will go to the land beyond where the maps end and find what is out there as she turns her eyes westward on the Sunset Sea. The writer/directors don't say specifically where she'll find herself, but as we know from the lore of George R.R. Martin's series we have an idea of where she could end up.

In Martin's Fire and Blood, which is a history of the House Targaryen, a young woman named Elissa Farman, daughter of a minor lord and friend of Princess Rhaena Targaryen leaves Westeros sails off on the Sunset Sea towards the unknown. Along the way they battle a kraken, find three islands, her companions turn back, and Elissa continues on. Though she never returns, those who turned back do and report her discovery of the islands. It's implied later that her ship was spotted on the far side of Essos in the port of Asshai, suggesting she sailed all the way around the globe.

Now that Arya is headed west into the unknown -- and considering that both Arya and Elissa were both trying to get away from the life that had been expected of them in Westeros -- it wouldn't be much of a surprise that Arya may encounter similar adventures and, perhaps, even find a place to start a life for herself somewhere in the world beyond where the maps end as it seems Elissa may have. Sadly HBO has already ruled out the possibility of an Arya Stark centric TV series; however, a House Targaryen series is officially in the works and perhaps could cover similar ground by telling Elissa Farman's story.

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Game of Thrones season eight is available on blu-ray on December 3.

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