Ghost Rider 2: Does It Now Have a Title?

'Ghost Rider 2' is cranking up, and it looks like the folks involved are trying to make the sequel, well, not a piece of crap. Collider spoke with producer Mike De Luca about the film, which is being written by David Goyer and stars (again) Nic Cage. Some tidbits:

  • Title is Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance
  • Will have a hard PG-13 rating and take place in Europe (something Cage has wanted for some time)
  • The film could be shot in 3-D (please--no)
  • Shooting could begin this year

We're less than thrilled about a sequel to this franchise (especially with Cage as the lead), but it sounds like the studio really wants to make this a reboot. So we'll give them the benefit of the doubt--for now. For the complete interview, head over to Collider.