Gina Carano Would Absolutely Play Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman Movie

After her performance in Haywire, actress Gina Carano became a fan favorite for playing Wonder Woman. Many fans expressed that the former mixed martial arts fighter could bring a sense of realism to the fight scenes  in a Wonder Woman movie.

When Gina Carano was spotted hanging around with Henry Cavill, more speculation erupted that she might even have already been cast to play Wonder Woman. Could it be that the two might have met while she did a cameo as Wonder Woman in Man Of Steel?

However, it is of course unconfirmed whether Wonder Woman has a cameo in Man Of Steel, even though recent comments by Warner Bros. Studios President Jeff Robinov have indicated Man Of Steel will lay the groundwork for a Justice League movie.

In a magazine interview about Fast & Furious 6, Total Film asked Gina Carano if she could ever see herself playing Wonder Woman. Gina Carano replied, "Absolutely! Actually, I think that would be fascinating if done correctly, if they did it more in a way where they're humanising her. She comes from an all-female planet - something the world hasn't seen. I just think that there's so much story there."

Of course, Wonder Woman actually comes from a mystical island and not another planet, so Carano would need to brush-up on her comic book reading. Then again, maybe Carano has already landed the role and in the movie version of Wonder Woman Warner Bros. plans to go the alien route.