Gotham Season 2 Will Push the Boundary of Bruce Wayne's Journey to Batman

(Photo: Lucas Siegel)

In the last few episodes before the Season 2 mid-season break of Gotham, Bruce Wayne really started to change. That is to say, Bruce started manipulating people, lying, scheming, and generally speaking being a darker and angrier individual. And don't forget, he's still only in his early teens.

"I think with all of these things, it's a coming of age story. None of these things are going to be smooth or direct trajectories," executive producer John Stephens said of Bruce's journey to Batman in an interview with "It's going to be a step forward, a step back, peaks and valleys. I think you'll see Bruce make big steps towards becoming that person who's going to be Batman this season, and then have failures and setbacks that sort of reorganize his life and readjust his priorities."

That means that Bruce's journey to becoming Batman – or even someone who wants to become Batman, may seem like it's going very fast at times, then slow or even reverse course.

"I think we can keep pushing the boundary back, then having him knocked down and learning lessons," Stephens said. "I think if you look at Bruce Wayne now in season 2, and look at the way David [Mazouz] plays him, you can look at him and see how this person could become Batman. You see that strength, and the desire to take chances and change."


He said ultimately, Bruce "doesn't want to just be this hurt kid," and what he does is all in the name of seeking control.