Gotham: Who is Victor Zsasz?

Tonight's episode of Gotham, titled 'The Penguin's Umbrella,' features the first appearance of [...]

Tonight's episode of Gotham, titled "The Penguin's Umbrella," features the first appearance of Victor Zsasz, a cold-blooded mass murderer famous for a memorable gimmick he has for keeping tabs on his victims.

In the episode, Zsasz is a suave if somewhat unbalanced character who is seen in promotional photos standing atop a desk in the Gotham City Police Department in a suit. 

In the comics, he's...somewhat less debonair. 

So...who is he?

Created by Alan Grant and Norm Breyfogle in 1992, Victor Zsasz -- often called Mr. Zsasz -- is a serial killer who prefers to use a blade, and then carves a tally mark on his body after each kill. As you can see by the image above, he's...prolific.

Zsasz believes that live is pointless, and that he's freeing his victims from a meaningless existence by killing them. He mostly preys on young women, but will kill anyone if it suits his purposes.

Zsasz has appeared in Batman: Assault on ArkhamBatman Begins and in a number of video games including the Arkham franchise.

Who will be in his sights this week? Well, Gordon seems a likely target...!