Halo TV Series Still In Development At Showtime

Steven Spielberg's Halo television series is still coming to Showtime—even if its "Loading" time is taking longer than we thought.

After announcements were made a few years back that a TV series based on Xbox's popular videogame franchise might premiere on Showtime and the Xbox in Fall 2015, updates on the projects all but vanished…until now.

While at this week's Television Critics Association's Press Tour, Showtime president David Nevins gave IGN a quick update on the project, confirming that it is still alive.

"It's still in development, he said. "Still in very active development."

That means fans will see more details soon, right? Not exactly. After IGN asked when an official update may come, Nevins laughed, "No time soon."


So, it looks like fans will have to content themselves with re-viewings of Halo: Nightfall for the time-being.

What do you think is taking Showtime's Halo series so long? Let us know in the comments.