Han Solo Contenders Logan Lerman & Jack Reynor Comment On The Role


Earlier this month, it was revealed that about a dozen actors are being considered by Disney and Lucasfilm for the role of young Han Solo in their upcoming standalone film, which is being directed by Phil Lord and Christopher Miller and written by Jon and Lawrence Kasdan. Two of the thespians on that short-list, Logan Lerman (Percy Jackson, Fury) and Jack Reynor (Transformers: Age of Extinction), recently commented on the role at the Sundance Film Festival, though, neither confirmed their involvement.

"We're talking about Harrison Ford. He's no chump," Reynor told MTV News. "You can't do an imitation. You can't try and just emulate what that is. It's got to be something new. It's also got to be something that the audience is going to respond to." Despite the pressure of being compared to Harrison Ford, deep down Reynor thinks it "would be kind of an incredible gig to get."

As for Lerman, he's not scared to play everyone's favorite scoundrel and smuggler. "I don't think I'd be intimidated," the 24-year-old said. "It would just be fun." Great, kid. Don't get cocky.

Star Wars Anthology: Han Solo will be released on May 25, 2018.