Helen Mirren Wants Role In Fast And Furious Franchise


In the past, Helen Mirren ("Red 2") surprised many people when she expressed an interest in playing a villain in a Bond film, and now she has topped that by wanting a role in the Fast and Furious franchise.

"My great ambition is to be in a Fast and Furious movie," Mirren told Yahoo. "I so want to be a mad driver in a Fast and Furious movie. My claim to fame is I always do my own driving — I was on Top Gear, and I did [my lap] in a very good time. I keep putting it out there, and they never ask me. I'll be in Fast and Furious 8."

The 69-year-old actress has two reasons for wanting to be in the vehicle-centric series: the lead actor and the potential drive those exotic sports cars. "I have to say Vin Diesel is brilliant," Mirren gushed. "I love Vin Diesel. He's a great guy, smart — I love him. It's partly because of him I'd like to be in one, but also the driving."

Fast and Furious is a fun franchise that doesn't take itself seriously. It is very much like Red franchise that Mirren starred in with Bruce Willis. Mirren isn't ready to let that go either. "I'd also love to do another Red-type movie, because those are such fun to do," she added. When asked if she thinks they'll make a Red 3, Mirren replied, "I don't think so."


Furious 7 races into theaters April 3, 2015.