Henry Cavill Explains Superman's Excuse For Metropolis Destruction


One of the biggest issues with Zack Snyder's Man of Steel was the perceived lack of care given by Superman toward's his own city.

Metropolis took an immense amount of damage during Superman's fight with Zod, but to be fair he did save the world from being decimated and subjugated. Henry Cavill was recently asked about this issue with Man of Steel, and how he felt about that point being the crux of Bruce Wayne's issue with him in Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice. (via EW)

"I think that may have been part of the master plan all along. When it comes to the major story stuff I can't really speak on that, because that was above my paygrade. What I can speak of is the idea of Superman, especially when the finger is pointed at collateral damage in the first movie. I mean, we're talking about a greenhorn."

One of the points I've harped on recently is that Superman, as opposed to Batman, is essentially still trying to find his way and the limits to his powers. The Superman we know and love wouldn't let that destruction to Metropolis happen, but this Superman just isn't quite there yet. You have to mess up before you can grow.

Cavill was then asked if he'd do it differently now.

"Let's say now, [if] Superman has the same threat again, that's a different story. He would, of course, bring collateral damage to an absolute minimum, but in that, he's just trying to survive because if he doesn't, the planet's gone. That's the excuse I make for Superman. He's fresh and he's new, and it's very easy to point out the faults in someone after they've done it, but put yourself in their shoes and see what happens."

Hindsight and all that, I'm pretty sure he would make some adjustments and keep city damage to a minimum. I do think the guy could use just a bit of slack for what he accomplished, despite the collateral damage.


via Entertainment Weekly