Henry Cavill's Superman Will Not Appear In Suicide Squad, But May Appear In Wonder Woman

(Photo: Warner Bros.)

We know Batman shows up in the upcoming Warner Bros. picture Suicide Squad, but what isn't mentioned is if any other characters make an appearance.

Brazilian Magazine Superinteressante reporter Felipe Germano recently spoke to Henry Cavill for the March edition of the magazine, where he happened to bring up the DC film universe, and if Cavill had any additional roles other than Batman v. Superman and Justice League.

SUPER: You have the Justice League Movie in 2017, but before that, we will have Suicide Squad and Wonder Woman. Can we expect Superman appearances in these movies?

Henry Cavill: Hum… What can I say?... Not in Suicide Squad. In Wonder Woman I haven't heard anything yet, but watch that space. And in anything else, I don't know just yet if anything else gets shot between.

Suicide Squad is already crowded enough, and I'm pretty sure he won't make an appearance there. As for Wonder Woman, his comments seem to confirm that there have at least been murmurings about him being featured, but he couldn't quite confirm it. I'd personally be happy to see him involved, at least in some way.


via Superinteressante