Heroes Reborn Recap with Spoilers – Sundae, Bloody Sundae


The episode opens with Carlos waking up in the passenger seat of his car, now handcuffed and fitted with one of the vests that inhibit Evos’ powers. While Carlos mutters that he’s been doublecrossed, Dearing (the corrupt cop/former prisoner) says that his cuffs are unlocked, but they need to act like Carlos is a prisoner if they want to infiltrate Sunstone

With their jaunt to Paris finished, Nathan/Tommy escorts Anne to work. They kiss before Anne enters the ice cream store. As Tommy teleports away, Casper watches from a distance. He calls someone to let them know that Tommy is on his way and mentions that he needs to tie up some loose ends before joining them.

Taylor, now sporting a really bad looking wig, receives a message from the hacker group she tried to contact via video a few episodes ago. They tell her to meet her in twenty minutes.

Meanwhile, Erica and Richard discuss the aftermath of Noah’s raid on Renautas’s facility. Richard hasn’t heard back from their engineering team (who teleported into the future) and they can’t find a replacement teleporter for the now freed Hiro. Erica sees a deer in her yard and quickly kills it with a rifle, while saying that the key to a good kill is the element of surprise.

Tommy visits her mother in the hospital. She apologizes for lying to him about being adopted and then tells him the truth about his abilities. Noah arrives at the hospital to help explain Tommy's convoluted history. One commercial break (and a whole lot of explanation) later, Noah says that he needs to get Tommy and his sister to Odessa before the global extinction event occurs. Tommy isn’t entirely convinced, but he doesn’t teleport away like the last time he heard an unpleasant truth.

Malina and Luke stop at a diner on their way to Illinois to find Tommy. Malina presses Luke a bit about his past and why he keeps mumbling on about losing his purpose, but Luke redirects the conversation by ranting about how tomatoes ruin sandwiches and then nuking his sandwich to prove a point.

Dearing and Carlos finally arrive at Sunstone Manor. Carlos is tested for powers and then taken away for processing.

Meanwhile, Taylor is kidnapped and thrown into a van by two men in masks. Ironically, she’s kidnapped right by a Vengador graffiti tag.

As Malina and Luke continue their trip to Illinois, Luke finally opens about his son after Malina mentions how her only real contact with society was going to the movies. It seems that Luke’s son also liked going to the movies, especially comedies that had fart humor.

Back at Sunstone, Carlos learns a little bit more about the organization before knocking out his escort and stashing him away in a sideroom.

Meanwhile, Taylor finally meets her kidnapper: her mother. Taylor says she’s done being manipulated and says she’d rather die before telling Erica anything. Erica transforms into a dude with a creepy mustache, revealing that the whole thing was a test by her real kidnapper: the Haitian. The Haitian is a member of a “Hero Truther” organization founded by a man who Renautas has kidnapped. The Haitian wants Taylor’s help infiltrating Renautas and rescuing their leader, along with Taylor’s boyfriend Francis.

Back at her house, Erica watches her personal chef carve up the deer she shot as Harris provides an update on her daughter, who was last spotted in LA. As Erica takes the knife from her chef and starts carving the deer herself, she mentions that the Hero Truther organization is looking for Micah Sanders, who Renautas is using for an unknown purpose.


In Illinois, Casper almost erases Anne’s memories of Tommy, but stops when he realizes she’s in love with him. Joanne walks into the ice cream parlor and attempts to subtly threaten Anne for information on her new boyfriend. When Casper tries to pay for his food, Joanne quickly pulls her gun and quickly takes them both hostage.

Carlos has stolen his escort’s uniform and starts searching for his nephew. He sees several Evos in various states of distress and tells Dearing that he’s going to check in a second building around back. Dearing discovers that Sunstone is now swabbing bounty hunters to check for powers, too, and is quickly subdued by the staff when he tries to escape.

Tommy meets Quentin (who you’ll recall is now on Renautas’s team as a result of Noah’s trip to the past) at the hospital before receiving a phone call from Joanne, using Anne’s phone. Quentin tries to ambush Tommy in the bathroom, but he’s already teleported away to rescue his girlfriend (and Casper) at the ice cream parlor.

Casper tries to calm Joanne down by telling her that he can take away all her grief and anguish. Although Casper almost convinces Joanne to pick up a penny, Tommy stupidly teleports into the ice cream parlor. Luke and Malina arrive at Moe’s just as Casper throws his briefcase into the air, releasing hundreds of pennies over Joanne’s head. Joanne doesn’t fall for his distraction and shoots Casper in the head, killing him. Luke hears the gunshot and runs into the ice cream parlor, right as Joanne threatens to kill Anne. After a brief conversation, Joanne tries to shoot Anne anyways. Luke tries to stop his wife by shooting fire at her, but Joanne manages to get a shot off anyways. Tommy shouts and inadvertently causes time to stop around him.

Using his new powers, Tommy moves the bullet so it’ll miss Anne and also repositions Luke’s arm so he doesn’t fry his wife. Tommy also sees his sister Malina hiding in the back of the parlor (she snuck in during their standoff). Tommy teleports away with Anne, causing time to start up again. Luke chases after his wife, leaving Malina alone in the diner, but Joanne is picked up by an unlikely ally: Harris.

The Hero Truthers and Taylor try to piece together where Micah and the other missing Evos are being held. She recognizes Sunstone Manor as one of her mother’s properties.


Back at Sunstone, Carlos finally locates his nephew and the priest, but neither are willing to leave. Carlos is overwhelmed by Sunstone staff and cries for Dearing to help him. However, Dearing isn’t in much position to help anyone, as the Director of Sunstone compels Dearing to shoot himself for kidnapping his fellow Evos for money. With Dearing out of the way, the Director (who’s revealed to be Matt Parkman) psychically compels Carlos to relive his memories of the Army. Parkman recognizes Farah from Carlos’s memories and comments that Carlos might be more useful than he realized.

Tommy teleports back to the hospital with Anne and tells Noah that Casper’s been sot. They try to teleport away, but Tommy's powers don’t work anymore, as Phoebe has entered the hospital. When Noah and Tommy try to run, they’re stopped by Quentin, who reveals he’s been working with Renautas all along. Noah realizes he’s disrupted the timestream, but can’t stop Quentin and Phoebe from taking Tommy with them.


Noah goes to the ice cream parlor to see Casper’s body and discovers that Malina is still there. Meanwhile, Quentin takes Tommy to Erica’s house, where she has a nice venison dinner prepared. As Tommy is forced to sit at the table, Erica says she’s going to explain how he saves the world.

The episode ends with a butterfly landing on Miko’s hand as she sits in the middle of a barren wasteland. Miko somehow wound up nearly 8,000 years into the future. As she explores the desert around them, she discovers a manmade structure sitting in the distance.