Hoax Hunters, Harvest Teasers From Image Comics

In addition to a third look at the creepy revenge series Harvest, which we saw a couple of teases [...]

In addition to a third look at the creepy revenge series Harvest, which we saw a couple of teases of yesterday, Image Comics today released a press release for their upcoming ongoing Hoax Hunters. The newest, third teaser for Harvest appears to have a literal organ harvest going on, as opposed to the somewhat more abstractly creepy images from yesterday. The series--which appears to be Discovery Channel's Mythbusters meets Todd Dezago and Craig Rousseau's The Perhapanauts--follows the exploits of a band of professional skeptics who debunk and discredit paranormal phenomena for a TV reality show--but who know  better, and are actually protecting not the truth but the status quo. It's not unfamiliar territory; besides The Perhapanauts, there's a similar concept at Image in the form of Proof by Alex Grecian and artist Riley Rossmo. The concept was developed by Steve Seeley and Michael Moreci with artist Axel Medellin, and first appeared in Tim Seeley's Hack/Slash before being released back in March as a #0 issue. The series will begin as an ongoing in August, with a first-issue cover by Tim Seeley which is pretty specifically reminiscent of Kari Byron, the red-headed, fan-favorite Mythbusters beauty. "Thanks to having an ongoing series, Mike and I have been able to expand upon the already vast world of Hoax Hunters," said Steve Seeley in a press release. "Issue one and the arc that follows promises to be fun and epic ride." His co-writer countered, "Steve and I are having fun—we're writing the comic we'd love to read. It has a little bit of humor, suspense, and brain candy. The story blends genres, histories, and folklore into something unique and unusual. If we achieve that month in and month out, we'll feel like we're doing our job."