How Fear The Walking Dead And The Walking Dead Can Cross Over

This weekend marks the debut of AMC's zombie drama companion series, Fear The Walking Dead.

Fear The Walking Dead is the spinoff of AMC's super-popular, smash hit, The Walking Dead, which is heading to it's sixth season. Fear, however, is starting fresh, taking place far earlier in The Walking Dead's timeline, and on the opposite side of the country.

How can these two shows ever crossover?

It's unlikely we'll ever see Travis, Madison, and the rest of the gang from Fear drive thousands of miles across the country to Virginia, where Rick Grimes' group will likely stay put for its next few seasons. But, there are other ways that the shows could acknowledge each other.

Firstly, every rule applied in The Walking Dead's zombie world applies in Fear The Walking Dead. That's a giant Easter egg in itself, but we want more. We want Travis to be watching TV before the world falls apart, and see a news report on a Georgia cop shot into a coma by a couple of bandits.

How about actual interactions, though? Will Cliff Curtis' Travis ever share the screen with Andrew Lincoln's Rick Grimes? It seems really tough, but possible. The best scenario for this to occur would require multiple seasons and a lot of traveling. Fear's producers have said that Fear will eventually catch up to and run side by side with The Walking Dead's time line. Perhaps, down the line, Rick Grimes will establish a civilization in Alexandria, much like he does in the comics. Travis could somehow catch word of it, and head east. If this were the case, it would mean Fear The Walking Dead and The Walking Dead become one big overarching story, meaning about 32 consecutive episodes per season. How glorious does that sound?

But realistically, that just doesn't sound feasible. More feasible though, is an appearance by a certain Walking Dead character on Fear The Walking Dead. Remember Morales? While there are theories about his return to The Walking Dead, maybe his return will occur in Fear The Walking Dead, somewhere down the line. Los Angeles seems like a terrible, crowded place to be during a zombie outbreak, so if Travis and Madison begin a journey out of California, only to be redirected time and time again, they could eventually cross paths with Morales, who is probably doing whatever it takes to survive since parting ways with Rick in The Walking Dead's first season.


Other than these possibilities, a crossover between Fear The Walking Dead and The Walking Dead seems pretty unlikely. The time and space between the two is just too great. Maybe Daryl will shoot an arrow across the country and it'll land right beside Travis, but let's face it, the two shows don't need to crossover. AMC and Robert Kirkman will likely let the characters tell their stories, and we can all experience the end of the world together. If a cross over happens, then great! We can all get excited. But if not, there's no reason to be disappointed.

Fear The Walking Dead premieres August 23 at 9 PM EDT on AMC and The Walking Dead season 6 premieres October 11 at 9 PM EDT on AMC.