Hulk Mod for Grand Theft Auto V Smashes

(Photo: Rockstar / JulioNIB)

There are video game mods, and then there are insane technological achievements like this one. Grand Theft Auto V lets people commit horrible acts and cut large swathes of destruction across the virtual city. But this new mod changes your player character into the Hulk - and it's not just the green giant body, it's his actual abilities, with powerful leaps, super strength, and of course, the screaming people everywhere he goes.

The creator, JulioNIB is offering up the download for free:


Mod goes with a BabyD retexture mod by Rarefacer and with a WIP custom model by me.


So download, install, and wreak some havoc of your own. Grand Theft Auto V is available now, and with no real Incredible Hulk game on the market for the last few years outside of Marvel Heroes, this is probably the closest you'll get to reliving the glory days of Hulk: Ultimate Destruction.