If Pacific Rim 2 Is A Hit, Hellboy 3 Might Get Greenlight

Guillermo del Toro and Ron Perlman have been making a big push for Hellboy 3, but its chances of being green lit may hinge on how successful or unsuccessful the sequel to Pacific Rim is.

The Daily Beast reports: "Legendary told Del Toro they might throw down for Hellboy 3 if he makes his next film, the mech-kaiju sequel Pacific Rim 2, a hit."

Guillermo expects Hellboy 3 to cost "$120 million" and with a sizable like that he confessed to Daily Beast that "nobody knocking down our doors to give it to us." He added with a chuckle, "It’s a little beyond Kickstarter."

Time is the biggest concern for del Toro. While Perlman is in better shape than most people half his age (65-years-old), del Toro knows his star "is no spring chicken, so we’d better get to it before Hellboy has to do everything from a Barcalounger.” After a brief pause del Toro added, “I would watch that.”

Pacific Rim 2 begins film in November.