Image Sneak Peek: Youngblood #71

Image Comics has released a sneak peek at tomorrow's Youngblood #71 by John McLaughlin, Jon Malin and Rob Liefeld. Featuring the definitive superteam of Liefeld's Extreme Studios. With a cover by Rob Liefeld and a variant cover by Invincible's Ryan Ottley, Image is putting some top-tier talent into this book, which has some pretty big shoes to fill in terms of the larger Extreme relaunch. YOUNGBLOOD #71 story JOHN McLAUGHLIN art JON MALIN & ROB LIEFELD cover ROB LIEFELD variant cover RYAN OTTLEY MAY 23 32 PAGES / FC / T+ $2.99 It's the 20th anniversary of the comic book that launched the Image Revolution in 1992! ROB LIEFELD's YOUNGBLOOD returns bigger and better than ever with an all-new look at the next generation of superheroes, courtesy of screenwriter JOHN McLAUGHLIN (Black Swan, Parker), up-and-coming artist JON MALIN and YOUNGBLOOD creator and Image founder ROB LIEFELD! In this first issue, a young reporter is embedded in the Youngblood team. Her assignment is to gather enough information for a humiliating puff piece, but she quickly discovers Shaft, Vogue, Lady Photon, Die Hard and Cougar are a team to be reckoned with. Badrock would be part of the group too... if he wasn't in a coma with wounds that have nearly pulverized his otherwise rock-hard hide. [gallery link="file" order="DESC" columns="2"]