Into The Badlands Episode 3: White Stork Spreads Wings Recap With Spoilers

Quinn and Sunny lead a Clipper force into The Widow’s home and begin killing everyone in sight. [...]

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Quinn and Sunny lead a Clipper force into The Widow's home and begin killing everyone in sight. Sunny leaves M.K. and the Colts behind on lookout. Quinn and crew search for the Widow. The Widow's daughters and Clippers muster a counterattack. Sunny takes out several of the Clippers himself. M.K. sneaks into The Widow's home and picks up a book with Azra's sigil on the cover. The Widow and Quinn finally meet. The Widow sends Tilda to lead the daughters to safety. M.K. reveals himself to Tilda, but Tilda just glares and heads down the hidden passage. Quinn attacks the Widow and they fight. Quinn knocks the Widow down and is about to deliver the deathblow when he is overcome by a crippling headache. Sunny arrives before the Widow can kill Quinn, but the Widow escapes through the hidden passage.

Back at the fort, Lydia and Jade watch over a bedridden Ryder. Lydia tells Jade she's not needed here, but Jade stays. They discuss Jade's impending marriage. Lydia says Quinn is only marrying Jade to feed his ego. Quinn isn't interested in peace. A woman informs them both that Quinn is leading the Clippers back into the fort.

At the Fort, M.K. reveals the book he stole to Sunny. Sunny is annoyed that M.K. went into the Widow's house, but M.K. says he had to.

Lydia greets Quinn at the top of the stairs. She's annoyed with Quinn's decision to go to war. She's also angry that the doctor is dead when Ryder is in need of one. Quinn leaves her to pay Jade a visit. He kisses her. Lydia returns to Ryder's side, as Quinn makes love to Jade in the next room.

Sunny has M.K. balance on the edge of the pit with his hands out and leaves him there. M.K. is angry about it. Sunny returns and tells him this is lesson one of his training. When M.K. back talks, Sunny pushes him into the pit.

Sunny brings M.K. to the top of the Fort wall and asks what he sees. M.K. mentions the Cogs, the poppies, the horses. Sunny reminds M.K. that their way out o the Badlands is out there. They argue about the wisdom of going after the Widow. Sunny says he was protecting M.K. M.K. suggest Sunny show him how to fight.

Quinn and Jade lie in bed. Jade encourages Quinn to go see Ryder, but Quinn doesn't want to see him in that state.

Jade pays a visit to Veil. Jade apologizes for not visiting sooner, after what happened to Veil's parents. The two girls grew up together. Jade wants Veil to take a look at Ryder. Veil doesn't want to get involved with the Baron's affairs. Jade asks again, with tears in her eye.

Sunny introduces M.K. to Waldo. Sunny was Waldo's Colt when Waldo was Regent. Sunny want Waldo to help train M.K. Waldo agrees. M.K. is hesitant to fight a wheelchair bound man. Sunny promises to train M.K. any way he wants if he can land a hit on Waldo. M.K. strikes, but Wlado fends off his blows with ease. Waldo warns M.K. not to underestimate his enemies. He tells M.K. that they call them Ccolts because they need to be broken like a wild horse.

Jade brings Veil to see Ryder, and introduces her to Lydia. Veil examines Ryder. She says Ryder's brain is swollen and that she needs to relieve the pressure. Lydia refuses to let Veil perform the procedure on Ryder at first, but Veil tells her he'll be dead by nightfall if they don't.

The Widow leads her daughters through the wilderness to a hidden sanctuary. She sends Tilda to fetch Angelica from the dollhouse.

The Baron finds Veil in Ryder's room. Quinn expresses condolences for what happened to Veil's parents, and promises to do everything he can to find the killer. Veil says Ryder is getting better, but isn't out of the woods. Quinn reveals that he knows Sunny has been seeing Veil. Veil says she'll return in the morning to chance Ryder's bandages. Quinn says he'll have to find a proper way to thank her. Veil moves to leave when Ryder wakes up. Quinn asks who set Ryder up.

Sunny visits Ringo to ask for information on the Widow. Ringo notes that Sunny hasn't been by for a tattoo recently. Sunny says he's done sitting in that chair. A Clipper arrives and tells Sunny that Quinn is looking for him.

Sunny is surprised to see Veil when he arrives back at the Fort. Ryder tells them that Angelica set him up. Quinn wants her alive so that she can lead them to the Widow.

Sunny brings M.K. to the dollhouse. Sunny instructs him to make sure the girl doesn't get away. Sunny goes in and Tilda finds M.K. She's angry and punches M.K. They argue, and each agrees that the other doesn't add up.

Sunny busts into Angelica's room. They fight, eventually bursting through the window. Sunny chases her through the balconies, demanding to know where the Widow is. They continue to fight until Angelica throws herself from the balcony to her death.

Sunny brings M.K. to Veil. Sunny for a stitch job. M.K. realizes that Veil is the one Sunny wants him to protect. Sunny goes to the back with veil to get his stitches. M.K. asks about the prosthetics in Veil's home, and the books. Sunny sends him way. Sunny says Veil should have let Ryder die, but Veil tells in that Quinn knows about their relationship.

Lydia expresses how worried she was to Ryder, and how she tended to him as a child, even tending to his foot and teaching him to walk again. Lydia knows that Ryder tried to have the Widow killed, and says it was one of Ryder's many stupid decisions. She hates to agree with Quinn, but she doesn't think Ryder has what it takes to be Baron. Ryder tells her to get out. Lydia tells him he's on his own.

Quinn tells Sunny that the other Barons view his occupation of the Widow's oil fields as a violation of their treaty. Quinn needs an alliance with another Baron, Jacobi, and knows that Sunny had a relationship with Jacobi's regent, Zephyr. Quinn sends Sunny to rekindle the relationship.

M.K. sneaks into Sunny's room and takes the book about Azra.

Quinn finds Jade sitting beside Ryder's bed.

Sunny rides out in the night. He meets Zephyr in a clearing. Zephyr tells Sunny the other Barons don't want a war. Sunny can ends things by Clipping Quin himself, taking control of the Fort, and divvying up the oil fields. Sunny stays loyal and asks for a meeting between Quinn and Jacobi. Zephyr agrees to talk to Jacobi, but tells Sunny not to hold his breath.

Tilda returns to the Widow and apologizes for not being able to get to Angelica in time. The Widow asks Tilda about the missing book, but Tilda says she hasn't seen it.

The Zephyr stares at the x-ray of his skull, and hides it away in a safe.

M.K. goes back to Veil's place. He eats some of the food Veil was making, then shows her the book and asks her to read it for him. Veil doesn't recognize the language it was written in. Quinn enters Veil's home. Quinn tells Veil that she'll save his son, and he'll save her.