iZombie First Footage Released in CW's First Look Teaser


If you blink, you'll miss it (so, err, #DontBlink) -- but The CW have released a snippet of the first footage from their upcoming DC/Vertigo adaptation iZombie as part of a minute-long sizzle reel highlighting the 2014-2015 lineup. You can see a screenshot of it above; whether there's anything beyond this blink-and-you'll-miss-it clip of Liv and her supervisor dancing or not isn't clear, but probably not, as it's a midseason replacement and this reel is, after all, meant to promote things that will be debuting in the fall of 2014. Also included, a few bits of never-before-seen footage from The Flash and some older footage from network veterans like ArrowSupernatural and The Vampire Diaries. You can check it out below.