James Gunn Shares Early Star Lord Mask Design For Guardians Of The Galaxy

starlord mask
(Photo: Marvel/James Gunn)

Last Friday, Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn revealed another early look at what Star-Lord's mask could have looked like on his Facebook page. Gunn also some design-related questions such as why he went with an open top instead of the old school full helmet. Gunn replied that he it all had to do with Star-Lord having a distinct look.

"Less like Iron Man to the casual viewer. More unique."

(Photo: James Gunn/Marvel)

"Very early version of the Star-Lord mask. I wanted the eyes to be big, as if he was perpetually surprised, not your regular hero," Gunn posted. "We might have overdone it a bit here."


So what do you think of this concept? Too much or this could have worked as well? Sound off in the comments.