Joseph Gordon-Levitt Talks The Dark Knight Rises Sequel

John Blake Dark Knight Rises

Poor Joseph Gordon-Levitt, he’s out doing the rounds to promote his new movie Premium Rush, but it seems like all most people want to talk about is another movie. Even though director Christopher Nolan and pretty much everyone else associated with the Batman movie has denied that there will be a sequel to The Dark Knight Rises, it’s still the question that everyone wants to ask Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

In this MTV interview, Joseph Gordon-Levitt once again faces The Dark Knight Rises sequel question. When first asked, Gordon-Levitt says, “Well, it’s not up to me.” When pressed again about if a sequel was ever talked about on set, Gordon-Levitt answers, “Honestly, no, we never talked about that, and honestly, I know a lot of people talk about the ending of that movie being a set-up for a sequel, and I don’t necessarily think that’s what it is. I think it’s a great, perfect ending for that trilogy.”

The funny thing is that in a little over a month, Joseph Gordon-Levitt will have another new movie coming out called Looper. So when he starts to do the promotion for Looper, he will get to face the same questions about a Dark Knight Rises sequel all over again.