Justice League 3000 #12 Is Another Fine Mess From Giffen & DeMatteis...Again

Today, Keith Giffen and J.M. DeMatteis debuted Booster Gold and Blue Beetle in Justice League 3000, bringing their old Super Buddies to the 31st Century in a story that's bound to chafe at the fairly self-important League members now forced to deal with the duo.

Lest you think introducing Beetle and Booster to the Justice League is the only thing Giffen and DeMatteis are revisiting this month, though, let's direct your attention to the book's subtitle: "Another Fine Mess!"

If that sounds familiar, you might be (as DeMatteis is) a great fan of Laurel and Hardy.

You might also have read Giffen and DeMatteis' Justice League Europe #3.

Or Giffen and DeMatteis' Hero Squared Volume 2 trade paperback (and if you haven't read that one, put down your computer and go buy it).


This has happened before with the pair (and when we pointed it out, DeMatteis got a kick out of it, so don't think we're picking on them): Earlier in the runJustice League 3000 used the title "Things Fall Apart," which Giffen and DeMatteis had used at least four previous times, per the research I could do online (DeMatteis estimated nine).