Justice League: Gods And Monsters Sneak Peek Released


Marked as an "exclusive sneak peek," Justice League: Gods and Monsters featurette from the forthcoming Batman Vs. Robin Blu-ray is on YouTube.

Described as an "Elseworlds story" in which Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman are far more brutal and find themselves accused of the murders of some of the DC Universe's most brilliant minds, the film is directed by Sam Liu and described by longtime DC editor Mike Carlin as "Easter egg time for 90 minutes."

You can see a bit of that even in this 11-minute featurette in which fans can recognize alternate-universe versions of some of their favorite heroes and villains ranging from Lex Luthor to the Metal Men.

You can check it out below.


"[The New 52] got me thinking that in the late '50s when DC brought back The Flash and Green Lantern, they basically took the name and the gimmick of each of those characters from the Golden Age incarnations, and they everything else out," said Bruce Timm, the animation legend who developed this project and the Machinima webseries that will follow set in the same universe. "The costumes were completely different and both of those characters were really big hits. Those are the iconic versions of Green Lantern and Flash that people think about to this day. So I got to thinking, wouldn't it be kind of cool to do that kind of radical transformation on not just Green Lantern and Flash, but basically the big three?"

The project will come to Blu-ray in the summer.