Kamandi Book Apparently in the Works From DC Comics

While tomorrow's The New Gods/Green Lantern: Godhead #1 will reinvent some of Jack Kirby's most famous DC Comics characters and add new New Gods to the library for the first time in years, it seems at least one of The King's other notable creations is being prepped for a new release soon.

Kamandi, The Last Boy on Earth started out as DC's attempt to play off the success of Planet of the Apes but quickly became a fan favorite and remains a classic to this day, with a pair of omnibus editions published in the last five years.

And, like O.M.A.C. and Infinity Man and the Forever People before it, apparently Kamandi may be coming back into print. At least, according to Quantum & Woody artist Tom Fowler, who tweeted this afternoon that he had turned down the opportunity to draw the book:

This may have been something of an open secret, since a few artists, including The Flash Season Zero's Phil Hester, seemingly more surprised that he had to turn it down than that it existed (although, admittedly, that might be reading between the lines too much).

Kamandi, a talking teenage boy living in a post-apocalyptic future where intelligent animals have taken over and most humans are feral, most recently appeared in last week's Booster Gold: Futures End #1, along with Prince Tuftan, one of the ruling family of tiger-men. He also appeared in Final Crisis briefly and, perhaps more importantly and certainly more substantively, had a strip in Wednesday Comics by Watchmen's Dave Gibbons and artist Ryan Sook.


Of course, with the word "book" rather than "series," it's distinctly possible that any Kamandi title we see will be on a one-shot, not an ongoing series (perhaps tied to the long-rumored and speculated Crisis-level event expected in 2015).