Karl Urban Amenable to Any Dredd Sequel, Theatrical, Netflix or Amazon


Karl Urban still thinks about Dredd. His R-Rated movie adapting the character of Judge Dredd for modern audiences didn't have a great success in theaters, but the film's critical support, along with home release, has kept sequel hopes alive for fans.

One possible suggestion for a follow-up would be a series taken to Netflix or Amazon Prime, and the actor would be fine with that.

"I'm amenable to being involved in any legitimate and worthy follow up to Dredd, whether it be another theatrical release or a Netflix/Amazon targeted production," he told DenOfGeek. "I think the best thing that fans can do is to continue be vocal about their support. Organise more fan screenings of Dredd, that's one of the key factors that helped Blade Runner find its true audience. I would be blessed and it would be a privilege to make another Dredd. I feel so incredibly grateful to the fans of this movie."


The actor also said he thinks Dredd was just slightly ahead of its time, as Deadpool has demonstrated an increased "audience demand for R-rated graphic novel films."