Keanu Reeves Says Bill & Ted 3's Status "Bleak"


In spite of the fact that they've got a script and a supportive cast, Keanu Reeves told MTV in a video interview (embedded below) that the development process for Bill & Ted 3 is not going smoothly and that things are beginning to look "bleak" for the threequel.

"It's pretty dark out there," Reeves joked. "DeNomolos is everywhere."

DeNomolos was the villain in Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey, named for Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure writer Ed Solomon.

Asked whether he thought the darkness would overtake the project, Reeves responded, "It's not winning right now. It's the part of the story where it's looking grim."

He went on to compare the development to Apolcaypse Now or Heaven's Gate before playfully chastising the interviewer for not knowing which of the Wyld Stallyns Reeves had played.