Kellogg's Launching Baby Shark Cereal

kelloggs baby shark cereal
(Photo: Sam's Club/Kellogg's)

There is no escaping "Baby Shark". The popular children's song that many parents have probably heard a few more times than they would like to have is everywhere. It made its way onto the Billboard Top 100 chart back in January. A television series based on the extremely catchy song is in the works as a television program for pre-school kids at Nickelodeon. Now, "Baby Shark" is set to infiltrate breakfast as well. That's right, Kellogg's is launching a "Baby Shark" cereal in select stores in the United States.

Last Friday, Kellogg's announced the launch of the cereal as inspired by Pinkfong's children's song of the same name. The cereal will consist of "berry fin-tastic"-flavored rings with marshmallows, though it doesn't appear that there are any shark-shaped cereal bits (via Delish) so it appears that the "Baby Shark" tie-in comes almost exclusively from the packaging. That packaging is very "Baby Shark", though with art of the characters from Pinkfong's YouTube video for the song prominently displayed on the packaging.

"We know 'Baby Shark' is a catchy tune that has captured the hearts of many families, Kellogg's marketing director Erin Storm said in a press release. "New Kellogg's Baby Shark cereal was created to expand on the joy families feel in a tasty way."

Kellogg's "Baby Shark" cereal will first hit store shelves on August 17 with a 30-day exclusive with Sam's Club stores nationwide. The cereal will be offered there in a two-pack box for $5.98. Then, starting in September, single box packages will be available for customers at select Walmart stores. It's not clear how long the cereal will be available once released at Walmart, though it does appear to be a limited-time offering so if "Baby Shark" cereal sounds like a think you (or your kid) will want, you'll want to check it out sooner rather than later.


And if "Baby Shark" cereal isn't quite enough or if cereal isn't your thing, there are still other ways to enjoy the earworm. In addition to the in-the-works television series. Baby Shark Live! will kick off this fall, taking the show on the road to 100 stops in the U.S. and Canada in what the website calls a "one of a kind live experience" that will have fans "dancing in the aisles as Baby Shark and his friends go on fun adventures to learn about shapes, colors, numbers and so much more!"

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