Kevin Smith Reveals Mallrats Sequel Will Be A 10 Episode TV Series


It’s been over twenty years since Kevin Smith’s Mallrats was released in 1995, and over the past couple of decades, the once-derided film has embraced its cult status as fans have come to welcome the wacky romantic comedy. Framed as a prequel to Smith’s popular film Clerks (1994), Mallrats featured familiar characters like Jay and Silent Bob, and those same characters appear to be returning soon as Kevin Smith has just dropped some major news regarding the film’s sequel, MallBrats.

Kevin Smith first announced that a sequel was in the works March 2015, and while the project has been stuck in development, fans have started wondering just when they’d get an update on the sequel. Earlier today, Kevin Smith gave fans what they wanted as he let fans know that MallBrats would not actually be a movie. Instead, the sequel is going be filmed as a television series.

In a radio interview with Philadelphia’s Preston and Steve Morning Show on WMMR 93.3, Kevin said that, “he and Universal are now nearing agreement to make the ten-episode TV series.” While nothing was said about which network may host the show, Kevin did say that the project still plans on shooting at Exton Square Mall which he'd announced previously.

When asked about how MallBrats even came about, Kevin Smith told listeners, “The way I view things is that I start talking about them until they're true. When I started talking about MallBrats, there was no one involved except me and then I brought the cast together and then the script, you know, and everything.” Best-known for his filmmaking, acting, and writing, Kevin has created dozens of home-grown projects which have all been spurred by persistent creativity.

As a final note for fans, Kevin made sure to reiterate that MallBrats, “is happening. It’s just taking us a longer time to build.” Now, for fans of the original Mallrats film, it's just a matter of time before they see the series’ rag-tag group of characters reunite.