Kevin Smith Talks Tusk On The Arsenio Hall Show

Kevin Smith Arsenio Hall Show

On Wednesday night’s Arsenio Hall Show, director and fanboy Kevin Smith was a guest. Smith talked about the latest movie he just completed filming, which is called Tusk.

“It’s kind of like The Human Centipede, but a cuddly version of The Human Centipede, because there’s a walrus at the center of it,” said Smith.

Smith explained that the movie grew out an ad that he read online. Smith said, “This guy was offering a room to rent in his mansion in Brighton, England. He’s like, 'I’m an old man, who’s lived a very storied life, including one time when I was lost at sea with only a walrus to keep me company for six months, who I nicknamed Gregory, and he was the best company I ever had. And now I find myself in this massive mansion, lots of rooms. I’m offering you a room to rent, free of charge. All I ask is that you in turn, once a day dress up in this walrus costume that I’ve been building.'”

Smith started talking about the ad on one of his podcasts, and he realized that it sounded like a horror story. Smith asked his fans to hashtag him #walrusyes on Twitter if they thought it was a good idea for a movie and #walrusno if they thought it was a stupid idea. Smith said he got thousands of #walrusyes but only one #walrusno.

Smith wound up getting financing for the film, and he shot it in only twenty days. "We have a release date. It's coming out in the third quarter of 2014," said Smith.