Kick-Ass Co-Creator Millar Teases Hit-Girl Series That Might or Might Not Happen


With John Romita, Jr. ready to wrap up drawing Kick-Ass 3 this fall, and writer Mark Millar having said a number of times that the third installment will be the end of Dave's story, it has seemed likely that by 2014, we'd be done seeing new Kick-Ass material.

Probably so--but maybe not, as Millar revealed on his Millarworld Forums earlier this weekend that he's got at least one more Hit-Girl story in mind.

However, he told fans, it may not ever be written, since he's so busy.

"A lot of people asking where they can get the source material for the new Kick-Ass 2 movie," he wrote. "So far there's been THREE collections in the series and the final volume, Kick-Ass 3, is being published at the moment, collected around Easter next year. I've got an idea for a HIT-GIRL ORIGINS series, but dunno if I'll ever write it as booked up for a couple of years on various other things."


Now, if Kick-Ass 2 does huge business at the box office next weekend and Universal greenlights an adaptation of Kick-Ass 3, it seems likely we'll see another miniseries timed to take advantage of that fim's theatrical release--but even that's not a guarantee, given the fact that Romita has made it no secret he's pretty busy for the next few years, as well. And, as he told during an in-depth Q&A the other day, it's not as though life hasn't gotten in the way of more Kick-Ass before.

"I would like to believe that if things weren’t so accelerated with the first, that we could have had more source material for Matthew Vaughn [to adapt in the first film] but unfortunately I was doing Spider-Man, I was doing Kick-Ass and then they asked me to do work actually on that animated sequence as well as the wall of villains–I did about thirty wall of villains images that appear briefly in the film," Romita explained. "So I did months and months of work on the film in addition to doing Spider-Man and Kick-Ass. I only got about three done, I think, by the time they’d gotten to the wrap, I think. I’m not even sure."