Laura Regan On This Week's Agatha-Centric Episode of Minority Report


This week's episode of FOX's Minority Report will take a look at Agatha, a former Precog who has left the city and has been seen so far in the season as kind of a puppet master, keeping her distance from the world while controlling as much as she can from an island.

How did she get to that point? What is it that drives her? Apparently we'll get some insight tomorrow.

During a recent visit to the set of Minority Report, and a handful of other reporters spoke with actress Laura Regan, who plays Agatha. You can see a clip from the interview, and a transcript of her answer about this week's episode, below:

We’ve seen her keep her distance from Dash while she’s suspicious of Vega and talking to Arthur. Is she going to make her worries known more to her other brother?

Yes, you’ll see that. In the episode that airs this coming Monday, it’s a big episode for Agatha because you get a lot of her backstory. You see a lot of things that happened when they first arrived on this island, Fiddlers Neck, and how she went about interacting the community, a certain man that she met and her history with him and so on.


So when something happens in the present, she calls Dash for help. She adores him and she very clearly knows the difference between her two brothers and she knows which ones she can go to for different needs. She knows her characters very well, and she knows that Dash is the one that just lives to help people. he really just has this one clear purpose. When she needs to help someone out, she calls Dash. And she’s a little bit testy with him, but it comes down to her needing him. So that’s kind of a cool thing for this episode and yeah, she kind of reveals just as much. The sharing with Arthur but not with Dash changes with Episode Six.

Minority Report airs at 8 p.m. Mondays on FOX. You can watch for more from our interview with Regan soon.