Legends of Tomorrow Featurette Shows Sara Lance Flirting With Martin Stein

(Photo: The CW)

Sara Lance, the White Canary, and Professor Martin Stein, the white-haired half of Firestorm? It might not seem like the most natural match, but remember, there's time travel involved.

That's what this new featurette released on the official twitter account, shows. When Sara, Stein, and Jax go looking for the younger "Marty" Stein while still in the 70s, Sara gets a bit flirtatious with the young Stein, something his older counterpart things could have dire consequences. The clip also shows their 70s styling, and the "frighteningly alike" looks of the young Stein.

Legends of Tomorrow's second episode airs tonight at 8pm on The CW, hoping to build off the successful premiere, which saw it debut as the second highest rated series on the network - right between The Flash and Arrow.