Life Director Has No Plans For A Sequel

Over the weekend, Life is invading theaters and pitting six unlucky astronauts against the first [...]

Over the weekend, Life is invading theaters and pitting six unlucky astronauts against the first sign of extraterrestrial life which turns out to be a major threat, with screenings launching on Thursday night.

Keeping things spoiler-free, (if you've seen the movie you will understand) Life closes its 103 minute run with an open-ended finale. There is certainly room for a sequel, though it would be vastly different from the self-contained, claustrophobic film with Jake Gyllenhaal, Ryan Reynolds, and Rebecca Ferguson.

According to Life director Daniel Espinosa, there are no plans to explore the future of Calvin and the alien life form.

"No," Espinosa said, simply ruling out interest in a sequel. "I like it to connect more to... You remember how those old Twilight Zone, the TV series, used to end? Or Night of the Living Dead? Those kind of strong twist endings. I just like those movies. Because also it's a fun twist, I think."

"People don't have to contemplate it that much," Espinosa said. "Also, I don't do sequels. I have too much ADD. I can't do the same thing once or twice. They wanted me to do Safe House 2. No interest. They want me to do Easy Money 2. No interest."

Although Espinosa has no interest in revisiting the world he established in Life, he points out that Sony Pictures can do with the next bits of story as they please. "They can do it," Espinosa said. "They're allowed. They're legally allowed to. They did Easy Money 2 and 3, so that happens but it's not with me. For me, I just did one Easy Money. That's my Easy Money."

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Life is now playing in theaters.


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