LINE Webtoon's Noblesse Hits Its 400th Episode

The hit comic series Noblesse has realized a monumental accomplishment, one that most of its [...]

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The hit comic series Noblesse has realized a monumental accomplishment, one that most of its creators couldn't even dream of achieving when it first started.

The hit series has posted its 400th episode, accruing more than 2.4 billion views. The series, created by Jeho Son and Kwangsu Lee, stars Cadis E. di Raizel, a noble vampire who wakes up after 820 years of slumber. After beginning his new life as a high school student, run by his loyal servant Frankenstein, the tranquility he's recently found gets put in jeopardy by a new threat who call themselves the Unions. It's up to Raizel and Frankenstein to protect their newfound peace.

JunKoo Kim, founder of LINE Webtoon, said "Since launching on Discover, Noblesse has quickly grown to be a hit series read around the world and has now reached the milestone of its 400th chapter. In addition to the recent launch of the animated series Noblesse: Awakening, we are planning even more ways for the fans around the world to enjoy Noblesse."

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The animated series he speaks of, Noblesse: Awakening, has amassed over 4 million streams in just over a month. Jeho Son, Author, and co-creator of Noblesse weighed in on the success of the book as well.

"Having published 400 chapters around 10 years, it feels like my consciousness lives in the world of Noblesse. I would like to thank all of the readers and fans from the bottom of my heart for their support. I hope you continue to love and enjoy Noblesse as it continues on."

For artist and fellow co-creator Kwangsu Lee, the success of the comic also built up his artistic confidence along the way.

"It's hard to believe Noblesse has reached its 400th chapter already. I remember the early days when I had deep concerns about my drawings and edited them frequently. As those experiences and hardships built up, I now celebrate 400 chapters with the greatest readers and fans in the world. I can't express enough how thankful and happy I am."

For those who regularly follow the book, you can catch the newest installment here, but if you haven't, you can start at the very beginning here.

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