Lost Premiere: 7 Things That Didn’t Matter


With the fifth season of Lost premiere on ABC, the Internet is buzzing about various incidents on the show. Every little detail of the Lost premiere is being analyzed and theorized upon. At Comicbook.com, we decided to take a different approach. We picked the top seven things that happened on Lost that probably didn’t matter at all. These meaningless incidents will likely have nothing to do with the plot going forward or will they? 1. Where did Jack’s band-aid go? When Jack was staring at Locke’s corpse and talking to Ben, a band-aid was clearly visible on the forehead of his bearded face. In the next segment, Jack is shaving his beard. When Jack looks up to talk to Ben, the band-aid on his forehead is clearly gone. Where did the band-aid go? 2. What is the meaning of the choo choo train cartoon? Aaron is watching a cartoon of a car and a choo choo train. When Aaron says “choo choo tunnel,” Kate replies, “No, I think choo choo knows better than that. He goes into that tunnel he’s never coming back out.” What does Kate’s ominous warning about the choo choo train mean? Is Kate trying to instill a lifelong fear of tunnels into Aaron? 3. Why did shirtless Sawyer slap Faraday? When Faraday tried to say it was a waste of time to try to explain what was happening to shirtless Sawyer, then shirtless Sawyer hauled off and slapped Faraday. Why did Sawyer slap Faraday? Did he become upset because he thought Faraday was talking down to him? Was he angry at Faraday for not giving him his shirt? Or was it just Sawyer’s way of expressing his feelings for Faraday? 4. Why wouldn’t Sayid take Hurley’s fry? At the Rainbow drive-in, Hurley offered Sayid one of his fries, but Sayid refused to accept the fry. Why wouldn’t Sayid take Hurley’s fry? Does Sayid not like fast food? And how much did Sayid tip the waitress? 5. What is the meaning of Hurley’s “I Heart My Shih Tzu” t-shirt? When Hurley stopped at a convenience store to buy a new t-shirt, there was a wide assortment of dog lover t-shirts from which to choose. Even though the first t-shirt on the rack was “I Heart My Wirehaired,” Hurley overlooked it and went straight for the “I Heart My Shih Tzu” t-shirt. What is the significance of Hurley's t-shirt selection? Was it the only one in a size that would fit him? 6. Did Hurley’s dad ever finish his caviar sandwich? Wouldn’t you know it? Every time that you fix yourself a nice caviar sandwich and lean back in your recliner to watch the latest episode of Expose, doesn’t your son who recently escaped from a mental institution and who is wanted for murder show up with a half-dead friend. Did Hurley’s dad ever get to finish his caviar sandwich? 7. Did Hurley purposefully miss Ben with his Hot Pocket? Hurley had just finished heating up a Hot Pocket in the microwave, when Ben shows up. A surprised Hurley throws his Hot Pocket in the direction of Ben, but the Hot Pocket misses Ben and hits the wall. Was Hurley really trying to hit Ben with his Hot Pocket? Does Hurley have lousy aim? Or was the Hot Pocket just meant as a warning to Ben?