Lost Recap: This Place Is Death


The "This Place Is Death" episode of Lost opens in the parking lot of the marina--a continuation of the scene from last week. Kate, Jack, and Ben are arguing. Sun is in her car and gets a call from her mother. Her mom says that Sun's son wants to say hello. Sun speaks to him for a minute, and tells the boy she'll be home soon. Then, Sun gets out of the car and walks up to the group. She pulls a gun on Ben and accuses Ben of killing her husband, Jin. Ben calmly tells Sun that he didn't kill Jin--that no one did. Jin is alive, and if Sun will come along, Ben will lead Sun to her husband. Cut to Jin and Rousseau talking on the island. Rousseau reveals that she and her team set sail from Tahiti for the island--in 1988! One of her crew members is listening to a radio, and the signal is transmitting the mysterious lottery numbers over and over. Jin tells them that there is a radio tower on the island, and the group wants to head that way. Jin insists that he has to find his camp, but he doesn't know where he presently is. Rousseau convinces Jin to go with them to the tower, and after that they'll help Jin find his camp. Wading through the jungle, Robert, Rousseau's lover, offers to get Danielle some water. Crew member Nadine is hauling the water, but Nadine is nowhere to be found. Then they hear something. The only one that knows what they're hearing is Jin. He tells them it's the Smoke Monster! Jin, having seen the damage the Smoke Monster can inflict, attempts to get everyone to flee. But the group wants to find Nadine. A few paces later, they stumble upon Nadine's backpack and gear. They decide to split up to find the missing woman, but as they do this, the Smoke Monster appears out of nowhere. From high above, a body is thrown from the treetops. It is Nadine. Her body slams against the ground. She's dead. As the group retreats slowly, we see a full view of the Smoke Monster. The Monster grabs the closest person, a blond haired male crew member, and drags him through the woods. The rest of the crew takes off after the man, desperately attempting to save him. Robert, Rousseau's, lover, dives and gets a hand on the man's foot. The other crew members jump on, and the Monster pulls them near a large whole in the ground. A tug of war match ensues with the man's body, and the Smoke Monster wins. The man's arm is viciously ripped off and he is dragged down into the hole. Robert, shocked at his collegue's severed arm in his hand, throws the arm to the side. Moments later, we hear the man below the surface calling for help. The male crew members want to save their friend, but Jin tells them to leave him. They disregard Jin's advice and advance down the hole. Rousseau begins to follow, but Jin pulls her aside and keeps her on the surface. Then a flash of light. Jin is blinded by the island changing time, but Rousseau cannot see the light. She cries, "What's wrong?" Seconds later, Jin is by himself in the same spot. The dismembered arm of the crew member is lying on the ground. Jin looks around, drinks some water from a large leaf, then sees a long line of black smoke in the distance. He decides to trek to the fire and comes across a camp. There are dead bodies on the ground and a music box is playing. Jin walks up to a pair of dead bodies. The stench and flies are overwhelming, and Jin has to cover his face. Beyond the brush, Jin hears a couple arguing. It's Rouseeau pulling a gun on her lover Robert. She says the monster has changed him. Robert says it's a security system and that he loves her and the baby. He asks her to put the gun down and she does. Then Robert lifts his rifle to fire a shot at Rousseau. But the rifle misfires. Jin jumps out of the brush just as Rousseau shoots Robert. Rousseau then turns the gun on Jin. We see the beginnings of Rousseau's paranoia here--she doesn't trust anyone. Jin sprints through the jungle only to have the sound and light appear as the island moves in time again. As the island settles, Jin hears a voice behind him say "Turn around slowly". Someone cocks a rifle. We see it's Sawyer. Jin turns around and they're both happy to see each other. Sawyer says he thought Jin was had died on the boat. Jin informs Sawyer that he was in the water. The two turn and see Juliet, Miles and Locke. Jin turns to Sawyer and says "Where's Sun"? Miles asks where Jin came from, and Faraday surmises that the blast on the boat must have blown Jin into the water. And that Jin has been traveling through time with the rest of them. Sawyer tells Jin about the flashes, and Jin starts to freak out in Korean. He tells someone to translate, and the others look at him like he's crazy. Sawyer thinks Jin is talking to Miles, but Jin is really speaking to Charlotte. She tells everyone that Jin wants to know how they're sure that Sun is off the island. Locke says that he's sure, but none of it will matter if they don't get to the Orchid. Charlotte tells Jin that Locke is going to leave the island and bring everyone back; that Locke thinks that's the only way to stop the flashes on the island. Jin asks Locke why Locke wants to bring back Sun, and Locke replies "Because she never should have left." Back on the mainland, Sun still has the gun pointed at Ben. She doesn't believe Ben--that Jin is still alive. Ben says there is someone in L.A. that has proof Jin is still alive. Sun asks who the person is, and Ben exclaims "The same person that is gonna show us how to get back to the island." Kate hears this and flips out on Jack and leaves. Sayid begins to leave and Ben asks him where he's going. Sayid tells Ben that he doesn't want any part of this, and that if he sees Jack or Ben again, it will be "extremely unpleasant" for all of them. He leaves. Ben looks at Sun and tells her that they meet the person in 30 minutes. Either she can go or she can shoot him. She decides to go. Cut to Jin and Locke walking through the jungle. Jin tells Locke that he'll go with him when he leaves the island, but Locke says no, that he has to go alone. But Locke promises to bring back Sun. Behind them, Faraday and Charlotte discuss the idea behind the Orchid. Faraday tells her that it makes sense that they'd go back to the Orchid, but that bringing people back to the island to stop the island from moving isn't based in science. Then WHAM! Back to back flashes. The 2nd one hurts everyone badly, especially Charlotte and Miles. Charlotte passes out. Sawyer and Juliet have bloody noses. It's getting worse. Charlotte wakes up, freaking out and speaking Korean. Then she switches to English and says to Jin, "Don't let them bring her back (Sun presumably). This place is death." Back on the mainland, Ben is driving Sun and Jack around L.A. Jack, sitting in the back seat, apologizes to Sun for leaving Jin behind, that he should have waited for him. Jack tells Sun that if she doesn't kill Ben, he will. Ben slams on the brakes and tells the pair that he's helping them. That if they had any idea what he's had to do to keep them and their friends safe, they'd never stop thanking him. Cut to the island. Charlotte is mentally bouncing around. She's acting like a little child at the moment. Locke tells everyone it's time to move on, but Locke and Sawyer say they're going on without Charlotte. Then another flash. Charlotte tells everyone to leave her. Faraday stays with Charlotte, and the others head toward the Orchid. Sawyer approaches Locke and says that if they don't know WHEN they are, how are they going to know if the Orchid is even there? Charlotte tells them to look for the well. A short while later, they reach the Orchid. Juliet mentions that they're lucky to be in the right timeframe to find the Orchid, and then another island shift occurs. The Orchid disappears. Locke, undeterred, searches for and finds the well. Miles wonders how in the world Charlotte knew the well existed. Cut to Faraday and Charlotte. She tells him that she's been on the island before. That she grew up there as part of the Dharma Initiative. Charlotte left the island with her mother, and she never met her dad. She's spent her entire life trying to get back there. It's the reason she became an anthropologist. When she was young, a crazy, scary man told her that she should leave the island and never come back. And that if she did come back, she would die. Faraday tells her he doesn't understand, and Charlotte says that man was him. Meanwhile, Locke is preparing to go down the well. He grabs a thick rope and wishes everyone well. Jin tells them to not bring Sun back. Locke says he has to, but Jin threatens to cut the rope. Jin says the island is bad and forces Locke to promise to not bring his baby back. Locke says he won't go to Sun, but if she finds him, what should he tell Sun? Jin hands Locke his ring and says Locke should tell Sun that he washed up on the shore, dead, and that they buried him. Locke starts moving down the rope. As he nears the bottom, another island flash begins. Sawyer grabs the rope and tells Locke to hold on. Locke falls and hits the bottom of the well--hard. The flash finishes, and Sawyer is holding the rope. But the rope is buried in the dirt. Sawyer wants to help Locke, but Juliet tells him there is nothing they can do. Back to Charlotte and Faraday. Charlotte is hacking up blood. Faraday tells her that she'll be fine because he told Desmond to find his mother. Faraday's mother will make everything okay. Charlotte smiles, mumbles something about chocolate for dinner, and dies. Faraday breaks down. Cut back to Locke, who is screaming on the floor of the well, calling out for Sawyer. Locke's legs are hurt badly. He hears someone and turns to see Christian Shepard holding a lantern. Shepard tells Locke that he's there to help him the rest of the way. Locke doesn't understand. Shepard tells Locke that when Locke came to see him in the cabin (is Shepard "Jacob"?) that Locke had to move the island. Locke says that Ben told him to lead his people. Shepard says Locke has to leave the island, find all of the people that left, then track down a woman named Eloise Hawking in L.A. Shepard tells Locke that Locke can do it. Locke is scared. He tells Shepard that Richard Alpert said that he would have to die for everyone to come back to the island. Shepard's repsonse: "I suppose that's why they call it a sacrifice." Shepard tells Locke where the wheel is and that Locke needs to push the wheel. Locke can't stand, and asks for help. Shepard denies Locke, and Locke painfully makes his way over to the wheel. As Locke turns the wheel, Shepard tells him to say hello to his son. Locke replies, "Who is your son?" Back on the mainland, Ben gives Jin's ring to Sun. He tells her that Locke visited Ben and gave the ring to him. Ben tells Sun that there is a woman in the church that can tell her how to get back to Jin. That Jin and everyone else need their help. It's put up or shut up time, and Sun agrees to go with Ben. At that moment, Desmond shows up. Ben seems surprised. Desmond asks why they're at the church, and Ben realizes they're both looking for the same thing--Faraday's mother. Inside the church, Desmond immediately recognizes Eloise Hawking. She tells Ben he was supposed to bring ALL of the Oceanic 6, but tells Ben it will have to do for now. Then she says, "All right, let's get started." THE END