Lyanna Mormont To Return On Game Of Thrones Season 7

Everyone who watched Game Of Thrones in season seven instantly fell in love with the new head of House Mormont, Lyanna.

If you can't remember the character by name, that's okay, names are difficult with Game Of Thrones. Here's a little refresher.

(Photo: HBO)

Lyanna Mormont is a 10-year-old girl, who has taken over as the head of House Mormont. As the Lady of Bear Island, she rules with a tenacity that you would expect from a seasoned ruler. Just a few minutes on the show in season six, and audiences were begging to see more of her. She has come to Jon's aid numerous times, and led the charge to appoint him King In The North.

In other words, Lyanna Mormont is a total bad-ass.

Heading into the seventh season of HBO's hit series, there is a ton of mystery. A million questions could be asked of where the story is headed, and which characters we can expect to se return.

Lucky for us, we don't have to worry about Lyanna's inclusion in the new season.

According to photos posted by Twitter user PAP4U, Lyanna is on set, in costume, and filming with the rest of the cast. Check out the tweet below.

Lyanna is on the set in Corbet, Northern Ireland, which means she will be included in the stories of Jon, Sansa, Lord Davos, and the rest of the North.

This is no surprise, as a move south by Lyanna wouldn't make much sense. She has proven to be a loyal ally to Jon and his army, and looks to have a featured role at his side for the remainder of the series.

Game Of Thrones will return in the summer of 2017, and is scheduled for two more seasons before the series is wrapped up.


Source: Watchers On The Wall