Marvel Announces New Red Wolf Series

(Photo: Jeffrey Veregge)

Marvel Comics today announced a new ongoing series starring the publisher’s first Native American superhero, Red Wolf. While Red Wolf is current appearing as part of 1872, the Western-themed Secret World series set on Battleworld, this will be the character’s first ongoing series since 1976. The first issue will be released in December.

Red Wolf first appeared in Avengers #80 in 1970 as William Talltrees. While previous solo outings for the character have been set in the Old West, the new Red Wolf will make the character the guardian of Marvel’s American Southwest, primary based in New Mexico.

"We don’t have a lot of characters who appear in the Southwest," Editor Jake Thomas told Mashable. "He’s going to be a little bit of a man apart out there."

(Photo: Jeffrey Veregge)

Nathan Edmondson will write series, with Dalibor Talajić on art. Artist Jeffrey Veregge will provide covers, designs, and consultation on the series. Veregge is a member of the Port Gamble S’Klallam Trible of Kingston, Wash.

"There's not a character like Red Wolf out there right now," Veregge told Mashable. "As a native, I’m really excited to see that he can do things, he can figure out things and stand with Captain America, and hold his own in this universe. That’s what’s awesome about it: You have all these characters of different nationalities and ethnicities, but it’s not all about their culture. It’s about them being a hero."


This series’ Red Wolf will be different from his predecessors, with a new origin and power set. While he’ll maintain some of the supernatural elements of the previous incarnations, Edmondson says, "We’ve made him a little bit of a regular Joe. We’re not too beholden to the Red Wolf of old — this is our take on that character.”

A new role for Red Wolf in the All-New, All-Different Marvel era has been expected since the character appeared on an early teaser for the relaunch. We’ll see what that role holds in store when Red Wolf #1 hits stands in December.