Marvel Announces Remastered Edition Of Original Star Wars Adaptation

Star Wars Episode IV OGN-HC Cover Granov

Marvel Comics has announced that they will republish their original Star Wars miniseries from 1977 as a remastered graphic novel.

Officially titled "Star Wars: Episode IV: A New Hope Original Graphic Novel," the collection will contain the entire 1977 Star Wars mini-series written by Roy Thomas and illustrated by Howard Chaykin, with new, modern-age coloring by Chris Sotomayor. Marvel will publish the graphic novel as an oversized hardcover, with new cover art by Adi Granov. The series adapts Star Wars: A New Hope and contains extra scenes that weren't included in the actual film, according to Marvel.

Star Wars Episode IV OGN-HC Coloring Comparison

Marvel's SVP of Sales and Marketing, David Gabriel, said in a statement that Marvel will also publish remastered graphic novel collections of Marvel's other classic Star Wars adaptations, including the Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back miniseries, and Star Wars: Return of the Jedi miniseries.

The graphic novels are the latest part of Marvel's Star Wars publishing initiative for 2015 , which includes an ongoing "Star Wars" series that sold more than one million copies, a Darth Vader series, and a Princess Leia mini-series. All three comics will be set within the original Star Wars trilogy's timeline. Marvel reacquired the comic book publishing rights to Star Wars from Dark Horse Comics after Disney, who also owns Marvel, purchased the Star Wars franchise.


"Star Wars: Episode IV: A New Hope Original Graphic Novel" goes on sale in May 2015.