Marvel Comics And DC Comics Launch On Google+

DC Comics And Marvel Comics On Google Plus

Google Plus just started offering business pages, and a couple comic book publishers were among the first to roll out business pages. In a post on the Google Adwords blog entitled "Get closer to your customers with Google+", Google revealed twenty-four of the first brands to start their own Google+ pages. Among those brands were the comic book publishers Marvel Comics and DC Comics. Marvel Comics followed up with an announcement on their official website, promising "more content, more info, more news, more video, more Galactus-sized awesomeness." The first posts to the Marvel Comics Google+ page included the Avengers Movie trailer, an announcement about Marvel Comics on the Nook tablet, and photos of Marvel minimates. DC Comics also announced on their official website that they were thrilled to be among a handful of companies providing an early example of Google+ pages. To kick off the launch of the DC Comics Google+ page, DC Comics posted an exclusive preview of Batman #3. If you're on Google+, then be sure to follow the official Marvel Comics Google+ page, the official DC Comics Google+ page, and the official Google+ page.