Marvel Releases Labeled Battleworld Map For Secret Wars

Marvel Comics has released a new Battleworld map for their upcoming 'Secret Wars' event, labeling [...]

Marvel Comics has released a new Battleworld map for their upcoming "Secret Wars" event, labeling the territories that will comprise the multiversal mashup.

The Battleworld globe is defined by 41 different territories. As the map shows, each territory will host multiple realities and time-eras. For example, the primary Marvel 616 universe, the Ultimate Marvel 1610 universe, and an undesignated Attilan will all co-exist in the "Manhattan" territory. It's assumed that these different realities will be forced to battle one another. Only three territories on the map are classified, making their multiverse residents anyone's guess. The other territories, however, come with names that at least suggest who and what might occupy the space. For instance, it's safe to assume that "Spider-Land" will house the various Spider-Men currently seen in Marvel's Spider-Verse event.

"Secret Wars," Marvel's major 2015 event, will take characters from every universe and time-era known to the publisher, and place them on a singular planet. There, the displaced heroes and villains must combat one another to remain in existence. A conceptual remake of the original 1984 "Secret Wars" maxiseries, the 8-issue event will be written by Jonathan Hickman and illustrated by Esad Ribic.

Naturally, this map brings far more questions than answers. Stay tuned to as Marvel reveals more information. "Secret Wars #1" hits shelves and digital storefronts in May 2015.