Marvel Studios Rom-Com Remix Trailer Brings the Love to MCU


Marvel Studios often gives us a slight dose of romance in their films, but what if they made an outright romantic comedy? That's what this remixed fake trailer from Vulture gifts to the world, using some of the actual romances from the movies, focused mostly on Avengers: Age of Ultron and some Captain America: Civil War footage.

Yes, the trailer plays with the fact that the Civil War trailer was a bit "bromantic" as they describe it (I'd never use that word voluntarily otherwise, promise), featuring a little Cap-Bucky love in there, using that other "Hello" song.

Will Marvel Studios ever actually make a Rom-Com? Who knows? After Phase 3 is complete and we see all of this action really reach its peak with Avengers: Infinity War, maybe there'll be room for something that outside-the-box. We've had classic war, science fiction space opera, spy, and superhero team-up films, so clearly they can do it all.