Meet The Mets, Greet The Mets ... In Their Superhero Underoos

This weekend, the New York Mets clinched the NL East, securing a playoff spot for the first time in nine years! To let off some steam after a hard fought pennant race the team chose to haze their rookies.

Traditionally, Major League Baseball hazing of rookies can mean several things. It can be as mundane as carrying the luggage of veterans to and from the ballpark, receiving an embarrassing haircut or dressing up in ridiculous outfits. The Mets chose the latter, going with Underoos based on characters from Marvel, DC, Masters of the Universe and Star Wars.

"We originally thought cheerleaders, but then time went by and we didn’t go with that," Curtis Granderson, the team's star outfielder, told the NY Daily News. "The other idea was underwear model and then (clubhouse manager) Kevin Kierst suggested Underoos." He added, "We had a lot of rookies, so it worked out they had enough."

From left to right (photo below): Savannah Sand Gnats manager Jose Leger as The Flash, Sean Gilmartin as Skeletor, Steven Matz as Superman, Erik Goeddel as Boba Fett, Michael Conforto as an Ewok, Kevin Plawecki as Captain America, Dilson Herrera as Shazam, Logan Verrett as Batman, Hansel Robles as Darth Vader and Noah Syndergaard as He-Man.


By the way, Syndergaard's nickname is Thor, so I'm not sure why he isn't wearing Underoos of his Asgardian namesake. However, he was spotted with a replica of Thor's enchanted hammer, Mjölnir.

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