Michael B. Jordan Says Fantastic Four Sequel Is Definitely Up In The Air


One of the stars of Fantastic Four isn't sure if a sequel will be made. Speaking with MTV International to promote Creed, Michael B. Jordan answered a question about a Fantastic Four sequel, which is scheduled to film this year. "That's definitely something that's up in the air," Jordan told the interviewer. "Especially after, you know, the first one."

Fantastic Four bombed at the box office last year, receiving almost universal negative reviews and earning only $168 million at the box office, far below what 20th Century Fox had hoped. Several sources indicated friction between director Josh Trank and the studio, especially after Trank posted and deleted a message about how his original vision for the film would have received fantastic reviews. Since the movie's poor performance, many have speculated whether 20th Century Fox would move forward with a sequel, especially after they pulled it off their schedule late last year.


While Jordan seems to doubt whether a Fantastic Four sequel would ever take place, he did also mention what superheroes he'd like the Fantastic Four to crossover with. While he mentioned the X-Men as likely candidates for a crossover movie (referencing Fox's ownership of the rights to both the X-Men and the Fantastic Four), Jordan said he'd really like to be in film featuring the Inhumans and specifically mentioned Black Bolt as one of his favorite superheroes.