Michael B. Jordan Talks Fantastic Four & Star Wars Episode 7 Casting With David Letterman

Michael B. Jordan

On Tuesday night’s Late Show with David Letterman, Michael B. Jordan briefly talked about the various casting rumors swirling around about him. Letterman read through a list of casting rumors, badgering Jordan to tell him if they were true or not.

In regards to Star Wars Episode 7, Jordan said, “I think they are casting it right now. A lot of these projects I can’t even really talk about. It’s good to be in the conversation.”

In regards to a Richard Pryor movie, Jordan said, “Yeah, I heard about that one too. I’ve been linked to a lot of different films. You can’t do everything, so it’s kind of cool to be in the conversation.”

In regards to playing Human Torch in Fantastic Four, Jordan said, “It could happen.” When Letterman asked if they had a Human Torch right now, Jordan replied, “They don’t have a Human Torch right now. The project is still in the process of getting greenlit at the moment.”


When Letterman pushed how possible it would be that he would be the next Human Torch, Jordan said, “I mean there’s a chance that I might be part of that film. I’m a big comic book guy. And the director Josh Trank is a big buddy of mine. We did Chronicle together, which is another film that did well for me. If it happens… maybe.”

When asked if he wanted to be the Human Torch, Jordan answered, “It would be pretty cool to be the Human Torch. Yeah, it would be pretty cool. Yeah, it would.”