Milestone Comics to Return to DC

Saying that Milestone Comics was the biggest thing to come out of the ‘90s, DC Entertainment [...]

Saying that Milestone Comics was the biggest thing to come out of the '90s, DC Entertainment co-publisher Jim Lee announced that the line will return with the creation of a new "Earth-M"

"We couldn't be more proud and excited about the opportunity to bring the 'Dakota' Universe back to DC," said Lee. "This is a huge step forward for us in bringing readers a more diversified lineup as part of the New DC Universe, and we're anxiously looking foward to telling new stories that are socially and culturally impactful and representative of the world in which we live."

"They knew the future and potential of it all - that it wasn't just about comic books," Lee told reporters of the Milestone founders in the 1990s.

Static Shock, Icon, Hardware.

While he didn't work with the original Milestone, Reginald Hudlin, who worked on the Static Shock animated series, said that he had wanted to since Milestone was "the equivalent of Motown in the comic book world."

After the passing of Dwayne McDuffie, the team decided to bring the properties back to life.

"It was a call that we could not ignore. We just had to do it," Hudlin said.

"We literally can't believe that we're here in front of you, we can't believe the scale of the projects that we're going to be doing," said co-founder Denys Cowan, who teased Jim Lee and Geoff Johns' involvement in the project as writer and artist of upcoming projects.

"What's the difference between the '90s and now? We're not a minority anymore. We're not in a world of plurality," Cowan said. "There's a lot of people in color. But even better is that I always say that the world has better mental health with each generation. I look at my kids and they're playing with their friends and nobody cares if the Barbie is b or w, they just want the cool thing. As we've been revisiting the classic Milestone characters, it's speaking to the great bones of these characters, they're more relevant now than they were then."

Jim Lee is going to draw for Hudlin, Johns is going to write something that hasn't yet been announced. Hudlin says that there is no expected release date yet for a Static Shock series, but that he has 107 pages of script written.